Soundinsulation of 
noisy machinery

Worldwide manufacturers of machinery and equipment are more often dedicating time and effort to examine their products at design stage of how much noise they emit into the environment and possibly to make them quieter. For these studies, equipment manufacturers hire acoustic engineering specialists.

DECIBEL develops noise reduction solutions for the mechanical engineering industry. The solutions might be passive and active-passive or both. Passive systems may be fitted- like sound boxes and sound covers so that the design of the machine components determines that they are quieter. Active-passive systems include combinations of sound-proof boxes and techniques for actively extinguishing airborne noise and vibration via transducers and speakers.

Passive systems are widely applicable for all types of production, domestic and transport machines. Passive-active systems are applicable to air-transport ducts of systems operating with air for heating, ventilation and cooling purposed. Passive- active systems are also applicable in the automotive and the aviation industry.

One of the parameters when selecting productions equipment and machinery is what is the noise level that they will generate. Accordingly and whether using multiple units in one premise will exceed the legally permitted noise standards.

Investing in quieter machinery and equipment has a number of benefits, such as reducing the necessary personal protective equipment (headphones and earplugs), reducing the cost of wages payed to workers for working in harmful conditions, less frequent use of sick leaves, and reducing the "waste" in production. On the other hand, the quieter machinery or their soundproofing guarantees the absence of problematic relations with neighbouring residents and other businesses, as well as legal difficulties in putting into operation and meeting the requirements for noise pollution in the European Union.

In the event that there is no equipment that is sufficiently on the market, DECIBEL offers additional local solutions upon installation of the equipment and complete sound reduction for the manufacturing and industrial premises.

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