Soundproofing and acoustics for
Industrial premises

Increased levels of noise lead to an immediate release of the “stress” hormone cortisol, which is a natural defense mechanism of the body. With continued and systematically high levels of cortisol, the human body tends to raise blood pressure, increases heart rate, arrhythmia, difficulty breathing occurs, and even diabetes. High levels of sound also lead to an increase in "sick days", the expense of "worker's comp" and the periodic purchase of large quantities of expendables such as personal protective equipment (headphones, earplugs).

High noise levels in the industry bring with them serious financial costs for businesses. When working in noisy work environments above 85 dB, employee ability to focus drops by more than 60% and increases the likelihood of errors and shortcomings on goods / services.

This is also one of the main reasons to use passive sound insulation systems to reduce noise.

The DECIBEL team has developed a methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of an investment in sound reduction systems, which takes into account the monetary recoupment period of the noise reduction investment. In the attached file you can see a similar methodology applied to the Grundfoss plant in Serbia.

Equally innovative is DECIBEL's approach to the design and implementation of DECIBEL's special soundproof booth; which is fully or partially removable, and allows very quick and easy access to all working surfaces of the soundproofing equipment.

DECIBEL's sound-reducing solutions and systems deliver up to 65dB total noise reduction.

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