Soundproofing of a private home in Sofia, 2018

DECIBEL team is meeting daily customers looking for solutions to deal with the noise.

In one of the last cases of residential soundproofing in a private home were selected MUTE SYSTEM 33 for one of the walls and C-MUTE SYSTEM product for all of the ceilings in the apartment to isolate the noise coming from a neighboring apartment. The panels from MUTE product line are one of the most preferred sound insulating products by customers due to their thin thickness and high efficiency.

MUTE systems are a product entirely developed by DECIBEL's engineering department for the residential sector. Quadrature in every home is important, and the smallest change in it would be very sensitive. For this reason, MUTE panels for walls, ceilings and floors have been developed from special thin-film materials collected in a 23, 33 and 63 mm thick product.

You can find out more about the Mute series products at MUTE SYSTEM and C-MUTE SYSTEM.


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