Soundproofing and acoustics for
Restaurants and clubs 

One of the main requirements for nightclubs is to have a good sound quality and, at the same time, not to noisily pollute the surrounding area. Achieving these two conditions is a great challenge each time, and DECIBEL's accumulated experience in hundreds of such projects worldwide guarantees a memorable vision and results with optimal budgets.

Restaurants are places for meeting and socializing, in which, in addition to good food and a pleasant atmosphere, acoustic comfort is of paramount importance. The noise created by many people in one place, the confidentiality of conversations, and the musical background are three opposing aspects of solving the acoustic task in restaurants and bars. The success lies in the balance between the three, for which DECIBEL has its unique know-how acquired in the design of many projects like that. An in-depth analysis and approach to the correct selection of active and passive noise and sound control systems are characteristic of DECIBEL's handwriting.

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