Sound insulation and acoustics for homes

Engineering, production and delivery in South Africa.


Soundproofing materials will help you reduce the noise coming into your room or leaving your room.

Acoustic materials will help you improve the sound quality in the room by reducing echo and improving speech intelligibility.

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"We recommend eng. Nedkov from DECIBEL as serious, precise and reliable partner, possessing real possibilities to implement concrete assignments of acoustic problems."

eng. Valeri Dojchinov
K and K Engineering Ltd

We recommend eng. Nedkov from DECIBEL as serious, punctual and reliable partner, who owns qualities to deal successfully with all the challenges... with guaranteed quality and speed."

Hristo Kirov
City mark Ltd.

During the 2015 Decibel Ltd. carried out acoustic treatment with panels of three of our conference halls.After the installation of the panels our halls meet the corresponding requirements regarding the sound parameters. Thank you for the promptness and quality of the service provided.

Ivan Rozenov
Interoute Bulgaria, Audio-video department

"For us DECIBEL is the preferred partner in cases that require precise and adequate technical solutions in the field of soundproofing and noise isolation..." 

H. Atsinov
Deputy Executive Director
AQ Magnit AD


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