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Check out our newest videos featuring our latest product launches, recent project highlights, behind-the-scenes installation footage, and insightful knowledge-sharing sessions. Stay updated and inspired with the latest developments in our industry!

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Exclusive Look at DECIBEL's HexyBEL Acoustic Wall Panel

Discover the design and functionality of our HexyBEL Acoustic Wall Panel in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

DIAMOND: Elevating Your Audio Experience with Premium Broadband Panels

Discover how DIAMOND Premium Broadband Panels can transform your audio experience with top-tier sound quality and aesthetic appeal.

INTRODUCING Perforated Wood Acoustic Panels

Experience the perfect blend of style and sound control with our Perforated Wood Acoustic Panels, designed to enhance both acoustics and aesthetics.

Revolutionise Your Acoustic Experience with DOMINO™Panels

Check out DECIBEL's first line of high-end acoustic treatment and architectural acoustic panels.


DECIBEL's Latest Projects Revealed

Explore DECIBEL's latest groundbreaking projects and innovative solutions.

Industrial noise reduction project by DECIBEL

Discover how DECIBEL's latest project is revolutionizing industrial noise reduction for a quieter, more productive environment.

DECIBEL selected as a contractor for a soundproofing facility at the Marriott Hotel in Georgia

See how we ensured the soundproofing of the Marriott Hotel in Georgia, providing all guests with a serene and peaceful stay.

Soundproofing experiment of luxury apartments

Discover what motivated us to select the most suitable sound insulation materials and installation for these luxury hotel apartments.


HexyBEL Acoustic Panels: The Fascinating Timelapse Installation Journey

Check out our step-by-step installation hassle-free process, offering versatility of installation methods.

Achieve Silence in Just 2 Hours with MUTE SYSTEM™: Quick and Easy Wall Soundproofing

Have a look at this full DIY MUTE SYSTEM installation guide for walls including all steps from the process.

How to Soundproof your Ceiling

Let's guide you through the step-by-step process of installing our C-MUTE - the thin, DIY ceiling soundproofing solution.

How to install acoustic panels - fast, easy, DIY, demo from DECIBEL factory

Check out this easy video demonstration on how to install your acoustic wall panels effortlessly.


10 GENIUS hacks to improve your sleep quality IMMEDIATELY

Check out the hacks that we've tested and collected for you to make your sleep better instantly. Let's explore how you can start applying these hacks tonight.

The Voice Within

Join us on a journey of self-discovery as we explore the transformative power of silence.

World's Top DJs Share Best Soundproofing Tips

Tap into the expertise of the world's top DJs to bring you the ultimate soundproofing tips.

The Loudest Professions You Won't Believe Exist

Discover the loudest professions you never knew existed, from construction workers to concert sound engineers.

Why noise is important for your health and wellbeing

See this explanatory video of how acoustic panels help create a good and healthy soundscape.

Soundproofing vs Sound Absorption

Learn the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption to master the crucial elements of noise and sound control.

Kids Explain Sounds, Noise and Acoustics

Find out why these 6-year-old kids are experts on sound and noise. Rethink all you know with their honest answers.

Breakthrough Discovery: Noise Exposure Linked to Chronic Pain

Uncover the secrets behind chronic pain and its unexpected connection to noise exposure.

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