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Acoustic consulting
Acoustic consulting

The consultation and diagnostics of problems with noise, reverberation and vibrations

The consultation and diagnostics of problems with noise, reverberation and vibrations are from important meaning for identification and prescription of effective solution. The engineering consultancy for sound insulation and acoustic which we offer are:

Consultation with acoustic engineer on site.

The purpose of this consultation is to receive information about the location of the building, the type of the construction, the specifications of the premises, the sound sources or the acoustic defects. When the collected information is accurate, the solutions which the client gets are professional and adequate for the specific problem. The consultation with visit are by appointment on the shown contacts and are paid. The consultancy include written prescription and software calculations of the achievable results together with quantitative value calculations for the necessary materials and work.

Consultancy with acoustic engineer in our office.

Similar to the on site consultancy they serve for providing the necessary information needed for prescribing the decision. For conducting of such information is necessary the client to provide drawings and images of the problematic zones and buildings. The prior enrollment of this consultation is obligatory. The consultancies are charged on hour base.

Individual consultancy via Skype.

The online consulting is suitable form of establishing of contacts and taking actions for solving the problem regarding sound insulation, acoustics and vibration. For conducting of such consultancy is necessary to provide drawings which to send in order to be examined during the conversation, also some images and that give possibility to clarify in detail what is character of the problem that you have established. The online consulting on Skype with acoustic engineer is pre paid and is prior agreed in accordance to the possibilities for conducting the session. For appointing online consultancy please contact us at: T:+359889437847 or

The engineers of DECIBEL have different experience and specialization. That is why the prices of the consultations with junior and senior engineers have different prices. For more information please contact us at: T:+359 88 943 7847 or

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