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Our Projects Worldwide

Soundproof Cabin for a Noisy Machine Holistic Office Acoustic Treatment Complete Soundproofing of a Residential Complex Acoustic Panels and full Podcast Studio revamp Acoustic Transformation of a Podcast Studio Acoustic panels in professional studio Designer Acoustic Panels for an Office Soundproofing Enclosure in Manufacturing Facility Acoustic Treatment in Imperial Hotel Sighisoara Acoustic Enhancement at Welser Profiles Office MUTE SYSTEM @ Hilton Park Lane, London Custom Textile Panels – Inkofoods Office Acoustic Treatment at Kokiche Kindergarten Botevgrad CNC Machinery Soundproofing Phone Booths for Adecco Bulgaria Designer Acoustic Panels in Conference Rooms Laakirchen Paper - Soundproofing Wall Soundproofing of Chillers in Iasi, Romania Anechoic Chamber Acoustic Enhancement Soundproofing in a production plant, Salzburg Soundproofing of transportation lanes Soundproof enclosure in a railway tracks plant, Austria Industrial soundproofing in Magna Seating, Serbia Soundproofing of iconic brewery in Apatin, Serbia Soundproofing of a cement factory in Austria Soundproofing Indoor Air Heating Pump and Bedroom Soundproofing of Chillers - Batumi, Georgia Soundproofing Heat Pump Unit of in Vienna Impact Noise Insulation in Bucharest Soundproofing of Air Extraction System Noise Barrier for Chillers on Rooftop Acoustic Treatment of David Gresham Studio Soundproofing of chillers in San Stefano Plaza Acoustic treatment of а concert venue, Switzerland Acoustic treatment of a classroom in Bruxelles, Belgium Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021. Acoustic treatment for a drum room Industrial soundproofing barrier in machine factory Acoustic treatment in radio studio in Tanger, Morocco Acoustic treatment in a daytime SPA in Johannesburg Private double drum studio Soundproofing for C'est la vie club in Sofia Soundproofing enclosure of punch press for Miba, Slovakia Acoustic treatment of a home cinema hall Sound isolation of a generator in Telenor Acoustic baffles an IT office Soundproofing Barrier in Freedom Square Hotel, Tbilisi Soundproofing in Marriott hotel, Tbilisi Soundproofing of a luxury building Beelive and Roogle in Iceland Noise from the European Parliament building Designers acoustic panels BEELIEVE in LIDL office, Croatia Custom acoustics and studio in office Production and installation of acoustic office-desk screens for Forthnet, Athens WavO acoustic panel in Park Hotel Moscow. Project for reducing the sound levels in a production hall of FESTO, Sofia Acoustic treatment with hanging acoustic baffles of the New Bulgarian University, Sofia Acoustics in the office/ studio Soundproofing Booth DECIBEL Soundproofing of a private home in Sofia, 2018 WavO in "City Stage" club Soundproofing cabin for noise reduction of fans in Kaolin AD, Vetovo Banca Intesa - soundproofing construction for chillers, Belgrade, 2018 Complete sound insulation in apartment in Sofia, 2018 Dubbing Studio in Rome, 2018 Acoustic treatment of designer office in Sofia, 2017 Noise insulating booth for testing camera in ABB, Rakovski branch, 2018 Silence and comfort with sound insulation for walls, March 2018, Sofia Supply of sound insulating panels Visto 38 in Hilton, Tirana, Albania Sound insulation of floor with beam structure, February 2018, Sofia Ceiling sound insulation Acoustic materials in Avocal recording studio Acoustic materials in Saint Louis College of Music, Rome, Italy Telerik Academy - Acoustic comfort with sound masking system, Sofia, 2017 Acoustic panels in VED ACUSTICA Showroom, Rome, Italy Acoustic comfort in multifunctional hall Sound insulation of diesel generators in Marriott hotel Boutique recording studio in Rome Marriott Hotel - soundproofing of chillers in Shekvetili, Georgia Atendia - design and production of noise reduction desk separators in open-plan office in Sofia, 2017 Luxury Restaurant Soundproofing in San Stefano Plaza, Sofia Grundfos - industrial soundproofing Acoustic treatment of studio Zvukozapis, Sofia Soundproofing of air conditioning units - Fantastiko supermarket Acoustic treatment of a school gymnasium Home cinema in Tel Aviv 2017 Perforated acoustic panels WavO in Brno city, Czech Republik Hearing aid centre in Bratislava, Slovakia Perforated acoustic panels WavO in Usti Nad Orlici city, Czech Republik Perforated acoustic panels WavO in Prague Hearing aid centre in Athens City Mark Art Center Full soundproofing of a private home Sound insulation of chillers Sound insulation of electric generators in SOLVAY SODI, 2015 Designer acoustic panels in office Soundproofing of a dog shelter Impact Studio Macedonia Аcoustic panels and hanging baffles Industrial noise control for AQ Magnit Acoustic panels in an office Acoustic ceiling baffles Acoustic treatment in audiological center Industrial fan soundproofing, Alkaloid Skopje TV K-3 North Macedonia Bar Barbakan Аirduct silencer for Internovus GLL™ in Bar Backstage Sound insulation of diesel generators Soundproofing of a compressor room Acoustic panels and desk separators Horman - implemented sound absorption by acoustic screen in office Sofia, September 2014 Acoustic treatment of the open theatre in Bourgas Private hospital "St. Ivan Rilski" Soundproofing box for a noisy server Soundproofing of a ceiling in Budapest Implementation of sound absorption in museum Pancho Vladigerov Sofia, April 2014 Vibroinsulation of compressors in dental laboratory Acoustic treatment for "Imperia online" Soundproofing of gas generators Sound insulation of ventilation system Kindergarten 67 "Winnie the Pooh" Sound absorbing panels in Gym Soundproof testing laboratory Noise sound and vibro insulation for EVN Noise barrier for cooling chillers Supply of 1200 acoustic monitor pads for speakers in Saint Petersburg Dolly Media Studio - sound isolation and acoustics Installation of acoustic panels in Cisco offices Drums studio in Sofia Acoustic treatment in home cinema Business Building Litex Tower - soundproofing on walls and ceiling, Sofia, June 2012 Industrial noise reduction in Vinprom Soundproofing and acoustics of music academy - Voice Academy Desk separators for Credissimo Soundproofing of restaurant in Bochum, Germany TV Studio Acoustic Treatment


Latest Projects

List of reference projects

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  • Chiller soundproofing in data centre
    Intel, Ireland
  • Acoustic office treatment
    Hitachi, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing cabins
    Hitachi production, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing and office acoustics
    SAP, Bulgaria
  • Anechoic Chamber
    Nissan, Spain
  • Complete soundproofing design and installation
    Fanstastico stores, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic office treatment
    Appfire, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic treatment
    LIDL, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic treatment in an office
    Siemens, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of a production line
    Kronospan Factory, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic treatment for 16 offices
    Creative Assembly, Bulgaria
  • Additional sound insulation on dry ice machines
    Toyo Tires, Serbia
  • Engineering and full building acoustic certification
    Beverly Park Complex, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing and acoustics of a professional TV studio
    Doli Media Studio, Slavi's Evening show
  • Acoustic examination
    VMware, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of chiller
    Europarliament, Sofia
  • Soundproofing of a generator
    Telenor Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of air ducts
    Restaurant Noah, Sofia
  • Soundproofing and acoustics of a drum studio
    Venko Poromanski - professional drummer

  • Specialised soundproofing and acoustics
    EXE club, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Engineering, production and installation of soundproofing
    Autograph Collection Hotel, Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Soundproofing of an open-air beach club
    Malibu, Golden Sands, Bulgaria
  • Office acoustics
    Philip Morris, Bulgaria
  • Engineering and implementation of soundproofing
    Multifunctional complex San Stefano Plaza
  • Soundproofing of apartments and restaurant
    "Lozenetz Residence", Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of woodworking machines
    Gorainvest Plc., Bulgaria
  • Acoustic booth for sound recordings
    Chaos Group
  • Acoustic treatment of an online learning studio
  • Reduction of reverberation time in a gymnasium
    Private Language School "Doris Tenedi"
  • Acoustic treatment
    KOTO Restaurant, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of a conference hall
    Hilton, Tirana, Albania
  • BREEAM certification
    Lidl, Bulgaria
  • Industrial soundproofing of a plant
    OSRAM Licht AG, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing between concert halls
    National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Industrial soundproofing
    ABB, Bulgaria
  • Industrial soundproofing of external cooling units
    Unicredit Bulbank, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic treatment of ballrooms
    Boyana Residence, House 2
  • Industrial soundproofing of chillers
    Banca Intesa Serbia, Belgrade

  • Acoustic treatment of offices and installation of desk separators
    DSK Bank
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of translation booths
    Euro Parliament, Sofia
  • Soundproofing of industrial cabin
    Military plant Arsenal, Kazanlak
  • Acoustic treatment in office
    Telenor, Bulgaria
  • Soundproofing of multifunctional art centre
    City Mark Art Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Acoustic treatment of offices with textile acoustic panels DECIBEL
    Ernst & Young
  • Design and installation of acoustic baffles and separators
    AQ Magnit, Godech
  • Production and installation of industrial silencer
    Vivacom (BTC EAD), Sofia
  • Production and installation of industrial noise barrier
    Grammer AD, Trudovets
  • Soundproofing of industrial fan
    Alkaloid AD, Skopje
  • Acoustic treatment of TV studio
    K- TV, Skopje
  • Design and installation of acoustic treatment
    Bar Barbakan, Skopje
  • Design and installation of soundproofing and acoustic solutions
    City Mark Art Centre, Sofia
  • Design and installation of acoustic panels
    Open air theater, Burgas
  • Ceiling soundproofing of a restaurant
    Sasa Restaurant
  • Soundproofing barrier
    Rudozem Street Dog Rescue
  • Acoustical engineering of a soundproofing solution for production equipment
  • Chiller soundproofing
    Top Fit, Sofia
  • Acoustic treatment with designer acoustic panels
    Backstage Restaurant, Bourgas
  • Acoustic treatment of an audiology room
    Trakia Hospital, Stara Zagora
  • Soundproofing of a server rack
    Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
  • Industrial noise control in a plant
    Bulgartabac, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  • Engineering and installation of noise reduction enclosures on bottles production line
    Prista Oil, Bulgaria
  • Office acoustics
    Cisco, Bulgaria
  • Design and engineering of power plant station soundproofing
    EVN, Bulgaria
  • Design and engineering of power plant station soundproofing
    Energo- Pro, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Engineering, production and installation of external soundproofing barrier
    Billa supermarket, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Engineering and construction of soundproof laboratory
    Sensata Technologies
  • Engineering and installation of industrial noise control
    VP Brands International, Bulgaria
  • Design and engineering of vibro and sound insulation for press machines
  • Soundproofing of gas co-generator
    Overgas, Bulgaria
  • Desing and production of silencer for water turbine
    Pirin Vat, Bulgaria
  • Acoustical improvement in offices and conference halls
    Litex Tower, Sofia
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