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Noise barrier for cooling chillers

Noise barrier for cooling chillers
Noise barrier for cooling chillers
Noise barrier for cooling chillers
Noise barrier for cooling chillers
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Noise barrier for cooling chillers

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In the vibrant city of Varna, where the warm sun kisses the shores, lies Billa Shop, a bustling center of activity serving the local community. However, amidst its hustle and bustle, a challenge arose – the persistent noise from the shop's chillers that disrupted the nearby kindergarten's serenity.

Recognizing the importance of tranquility for the kindergarten and the community, Billa Shop turned to DECIBEL, the trusted leader in noise control solutions.

The Noise Challenge:

The constant noise from the chillers posed a significant disturbance to the peaceful environment of the neighboring kindergarten. Billa Shop sought a solution to insulate against this noise while also providing a secure barrier between the two areas.

Our Sounproofing Solution:

DECIBEL's team of experts embarked on a mission to design and execute a bespoke soundproofing barrier that would effectively shield the kindergarten from the noise pollution while serving as a sturdy and visually appealing fence between the properties.


Utilizing advanced soundproofing materials and innovative construction techniques, DECIBEL meticulously crafted the soundproofing barrier on-site at Billa Shop in Varna. The barrier was strategically positioned to create an effective buffer zone, minimizing the transmission of noise to the neighboring kindergarten.

Acousic Results:

The impact was immediate and profound. The innovative soundproofing barrier not only effectively reduced the noise pollution from the chillers but also provided a secure and aesthetically pleasing fence, enhancing the overall ambiance of both the shop and the kindergarten. Children could now enjoy their playtime without disruptive noise disturbances, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable environment for all.


DECIBEL's successful execution of the soundproofing barrier project at Billa Shop in Varna reflects our commitment to excellence in noise control solutions. By addressing the unique challenges faced by our clients and leveraging our expertise in soundproofing technology, we continue to make meaningful contributions to enhancing the quality of life for communities across the region.

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