About us

A comfortable life is one of the top priorities of the modern man. By meeting our basic household needs, we are beginning to pay more attention to those factors that would make our existence more enjoyable.
In 2012, a close-knit team of young engineers created DECIBEL with the mission of improving the quality of sleep, rest and working environment of its customers, thus providing them with comfort. The brand offers innovative solutions with products and services aimed at soundproofing and acoustics.
Over the years, DECIBEL specializes in consulting, designing, manufacturing and installing acoustics and soundproofing, offering a complete range of services. By this way, it provides security for its customers and transparency in a fast and dynamic working process. This is what makes DECIBEL the fastest growing acoustic company in the world.
The brand has a high-tech manufacturing plant where robots produce products, certified to the European standards.
Due to its dynamic development, DECIBEL has quickly established itself in the European and Asian markets, offering its customers soundproofing and acoustics services not only for their homes but also for offices, sound studios, cinemas, restaurants and hotels.


Our mission is to improve the quality of sleep, rest and work of as many people as possible.


Classical soundproofing and acoustics have limitations. We develop the future of soundproofing and acoustics trough science and innovation.


We believe that acoustic consultancy, product development & production, installation and result verification should be all done under one roof.  Why? Because only by closing the cycle, from the drawing board to the end measurements on site, one can be 100% sure that the results achieved are real and can meet the highest expectation of the user. 

And yes, we know this is unconventional, but we never were conventional. 


Blitz interview

I am: а part of Decibel's engineering department
I love: my family and friends
Sound or Noise: Sound
Pet: Toto the cat
The most important gadget: my car
Memorie with a view: The seven lakes of Rila
Inspiration: My parents
You can meet me: somewhere in Sofia
If I could play music for the whole world, it would be: Bulgarian
If it wasn't acoustics, I would: got involved in machinery

Eng. Plamen Angelov
Project Engineer @ DECIBEL
Blitz interview

I am: different every day.
I love: to love.
Sound or Noise: Voice.
Pet: dog – Bobby.
The most important gadget: My Honda car.
Memorable view: dolphins in Pomorie.
Inspiration: first thing I see in the morning.
You can meet me: …but it’s not likely.
If I could play music all over the world, it would be: from my playlist.
If it wasn't for the acoustics, I would have: a beach bar.

Gabriela Kotseva
Production organizer
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