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ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle

ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle
ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle
ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle
ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle
ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle
Acoustically tested
Acoustically tested
Acoustic treatment
Acoustic treatment
Best seller
Best seller
Fire retardant
Fire retardant
Indoor use
Indoor use
Made in EU
Made in EU
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T22-Purple Haze
T22 Purple Haze
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ECHO MOON - Fabric Acoustic Baffle

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The Echo Moon fabric acoustic ceiling baffle is a high-performance sound absorbing hanging panel designed to absorb sounds from its front and back side. The acoustic baffle creates an impressive architectural expression of the premises in which it is mounted, without interfering with existing lighting. When the panel is combined with appropriate artificial or natural lighting, it can further contribute to the elegance of the interior, making the premises acoustically enjoyable for living.

Compared to the classical ceiling absorbing panels glued directly to the ceiling, Echo Moon has 1.3 times higher efficiency for the same quadrature. The integrated perforated strips on the edge of the panel increase the sound absorption in the mid and low frequency range. The core of the baffle is made of highly efficient polyurethane with an open cell structure, particularly effective in the range of 400-650 Hz, which are most characteristic of the human voice.


The fabric acoustic ceiling baffle Echo Moon is suitable for large spaces like:

- Gyms and swimming pools
- Night clubs
- Factories and open plan offices
- Rehearsal rooms
- Concert venues and theatres                                                                                                                                  

Acoustic Performance
Technical data
Materialacoustic foam, fabric
Designflat with fabric finish
Coloravailable in 22 colors (T01 – T22 from our catalog)
Dimensionsd 500 mm, d 1000 mm
Thickness 25 mm / 50 mm
Weight0.5 kg, 1.9 kg
InstallationSuspended or glued to the ceiling
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