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Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter

Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter
Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter
Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter
Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter
Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter
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Nova 46 - Octave Band Sound Level Meter

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This premium version of the Pulsar Nova is a Class 2 octave band sound level meter. Compliant with IEC 61672.


  • Range 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C)
  • Real time 1:1 octave band filters
  • Data Logging and AnalyzerPlus software
  • Audio recording, Audio Note, and Timers 
  • TWA/dose and Ln values


  • Ideal for Noise at Work, occupational and industrial hygiene
  • Entertainment noise assessments, machinery and vehicle testing.


Ideal for accurate occupational noise measurement

The Class 2 Pulsar Model 46 octave band sound level meter is a very accurate, reliable, ‘handheld’ precision instrument ideally suited to occupational noise measurements. It can also be used in other applications including entertainment noise measurement, machinery noise and for vehicle noise testing. 

The Model 46 is an ideal instrument for health and safety practitioners as it takes compliant measurements of all types of noise, meeting the standards set out in the Noise at Work Regulations. The Model 46 also includes include real time 1:1 Octave band filters for the prescription of correct levels of hearing protection.

  • IEC 61672 Class 2 compliant sound level meter
  • 1:1 Octave band filters to IEC 61260 & ANSI S1.11-2004
  • Model 46 Class 2 SPL A, C, Z (simultaneous measurement) frequency weighting F, S & I (simultaneous measurement) Time weighting.

Octave Band Filters and automatic hearing protection prescription

This version of the Nova has real time 1:1 octave bands included as standard meaning that it measures all the noise frequency bands at the same time - parallel filters. The most common use for this is for the correct selection of hearing protection (hearing defenders). As octave band filters allow the frequency content of noise to be measured and analysed it is possible to prescribe hearing PPE that attenuates noise at the right frequencies. 

Our outstanding Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ reporting software (supplied as standard), comes with a comprehensive list of modern hearing PPE. The software takes the measured octave band frequency data and calculates the assumed level of hearing protection at the ear allowing the user to prescribe the correct level of protection.

Easy to use and effortless reporting

Our license-free AnalyzerPlus software, also  allows you to store your measurements in the large internal memory and then effortlessly transform your measurements into a variety of reports at the touch of a button. 

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