Sound insulation and acoustics for
Residential Buildings


Nowadays, living in a big city is the standard way of being. Their people live close to each other in order to reduce their distance to the desired facilities and thus improve their functionality. Living in a big city is fast and dynamic, but it also comes with problems of its own.

When somebody's home is in a city, the comfort of silence is extremely difficult to match with industrial noise. Most residential buildings are constantly exposed to noise from air-conditioning systems, construction works, and vehicles.

DECIBEL is a specialist in the permanent solution to problems with noise. There are different approaches for residential noise reduction of walls, floors, and ceilings. DECIBEL offers both standard and customized projects, together with installation. Constant solutions to the problem of noise remain completely hidden to the human eye, allowing the client to enjoy the constant peace and comfort of their home.

If you are looking for more detailed information on how DECIBEL can solve your noise problems, contact us or check out the housing silencing options on our site.

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