C - MUTE SYSTEM™ 63 sound insulation for ceilings

1. Reinforced concrete plate
2. C - MUTE panel 23
3. DCstrip™ banding tape
4. DCvisco™ membrane
5. Gypsum board
6. DCscrew™

Product overview

C - MUTE SYSTEM™ 63 is a thin point connected soundproofing system for ceilings developed and refined over the years by the R&D department of DECIBEL. C - MUTE SYSTEM™ is designed to reduce the impact and airborne noise in residential and public premises.

The main acoustical principle used in the system is mass + spring + mass as in the electromechanical analogy. DECIBEL engineers have created an extra thin and 4 times more effective system, mounted via 8 specially designed anti-vibration DClox™ fastening elements.

What allows DECIBEL to ensures the quality and efficiency of the system is that its soundproofing parameters are simulated using FEM and after that verified with laboratory tests.

DClox™ Innovation

DClox™ is a patented fastener specially designed for the installation of C - MUTE SYSTEM™ soundproofing panels.

The innovative fasteners are made from special elastomers, making them an effective vibro insulation point connection between the existing partition wall and the panel. Their geometry reduces the rate of sound transmission and minimizes the contacting area between the soundproofing panels and the existing wall to below 1%.

Accessories for increasing the soundproofing performance

DClant™ – Sound and vibro insulating sealant, which adds +3 dB to the system

DCvisco™ - Sound and vibro insulating membrane, which adds +3 dB to the system

DCstrip™Sound and vibro isolating tape which adds +2 dB to the system

Sound insulation performance

Technical information

Panel-wall contacting area<1%
Airborne sound reductionto 71 dB
Impact sound reductionto 51 dB
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