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The tendency to design open space offices in the last decade has significantly increased. Nowadays the offices rarely have walls or are divided somehow between the divisions in the company. The advantage of these offices is that people work together and are not closed in small working spaces. However one of the side effects is the increased level of "background noise", the lack of confidentiality and the corresponding decrease in the focus and working capacity of the workers.

DECIBEL develops different strategies for addressing these challenges and, depending on the function and the design of the office space, develops individual configurations for optimal solution of the problems above. This includes open space call centre solutions, co- working spaces, meeting and video conferencing rooms, confidentiality management  for c- level offices, leisure and entertainment areas, special telephone booths, and specialized in - office equipment like voice- over booths.

DECIBEL designs active and passive noise control systems for office space and in case you need a solution for your office you can contact any of our consultants below.


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