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Soundproofing in residential estate

Soundproofing in residential estate
Soundproofing in residential estate
Soundproofing in residential estate
Soundproofing in residential estate
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Soundproofing in residential estate

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The second project we tackled at San Stefano plaza was their fitness center.

What was the issue?

San Stefano Plaza’s management team reached out to us so we could assess and diagnose the problem. In our line work reaching the correct diagnosis is half of the process towards a solution. This is why it is crucial for us to analyze and engineer an acoustic and soundproofing solution. This is how we find the source of the noise and offer affordable solutions.

What was your aim?

After speaking with the gym owner, we found out the main air vent for the building passed through the fitness center, which turned out to be the source of the  annoying humming. After a detailed analysis of the space, we also found that behind the walls of the gym, were the heating and ventilation installations for the whole building.

DECIBEL’s engineers established that the ventilation systems has a 90 degree turn at its end. At this point in the systems the airflow generates noise measuring over 50Hz, which is carried throughout the buildings ventilation system. Once the source was established our team was quick to find a solution. The classic solution in such cases is the application of rectangles made of glass wool and perforated sheet metal. These systems are made based on the calculation of air volume coming in through the system. When this type of solution is applied the machine’s functionality is compromised,

What solution did you come up with?

The team at DECIBEL drew up and applied an innovative new way to treat the corners with both a reflective material and an absorbent material.

The results:

After installation of the soundproofing solution applied to the fitness center the 50Hz noise was undetectable. The owner asked us to help with..



The luxurious residence of San Stefano Plaza offers furnished rental apartments. After a few rentals the team at San Stefano again noticed an issue pertaining to noise. We were invited to find the source of the noise that had been bothering guests, and to find a solution.

What was the issue?

The team at DECIBEL got to work on helping San Stefano once again. After a precise analysis with high end acoustics equipment, we found the source of the noise… the water pipes for the heating system being cycled by using a motor.


What was your aim?

After we established the source of the noise we took it upon ourselves to insure peaceful sleep for the residents of San Stefano Plaza.

What solution was the solution?

Our team of experienced and proven engineers turned special attention to the whole cycle of the project from development, manufacturing, delivery and installation, to the final readouts.

We worked out a custom project  based on our clients needs for building out soundproofing with Fomex material and additional insulation. Our developed solution was approved by the client and we proceeded to delivery and installation.

The Results:

After the project was executed we carried out a control measurement with which we confirmed the expected results.

The team at San Stefano Plaza asked us to help with two more apartments, which goes on to show we achieved what our clients desired. Special thanks to the team at San Stefano for putting their trust in us.

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