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Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.

Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.
Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.
Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.
Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.
Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.
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Soundproofing of luxury apartaments, Sofia 2021.

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Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem and has an increased impact on the health and sleep of the inhabitants of large cities. In our capital, measuring points for the last year have reported that over 60% of urban areas are in a noisy environment reaching average daily indices of 58 dBA and 77 dBA.


The noise level around 50-60 dBA, negatively affects the nervous system and disrupts work and rest.


In 2020 entrepreneur and owner of R&R apartments decided to renovate an old building from 1980 on Chataldja Street in the center of the capital and that he will create high-class serviced apartments for rent. His idea is that in addition to the boutique services offered, he will also offer high-class acoustic comfort and confidentiality to his customers. A service that is rarely offered, even in fancy hotels, but is increasingly sought after by people who value the quality of their sleep and do not want to be disturbed or disturbed by the surrounding residents.


The task of the owner was to achieve the maximum level of sound insulation between the apartments. In this case, maximum soundproofing meant that whatever was happening in an apartment should not be heard by anyone next door. Music, speech, loud conversations in the small hours of the day should have been possible for some clients of R&R apartments, but not at the expense of the comfort of other clients.


In addition to the sound insulation between the apartments, the client also insisted on the acoustic comfort in the premises. He demanded the elimination of echoing and the maximum feeling of solitude and coziness.


Our work on the project included the selection of the most suitable sound insulation materials and installation. After the completion of the construction and finishing works, we completed the project with the installation of acoustic textile wall panels with a high sound absorption index. Installed in the right places on the walls behind the beds and on the walls behind the TVs, the acoustic panels complemented the effect of the sound insulation installed in the walls.


The moment of truth occurs when conducting control measurements for the achieved result. For this purpose we recreated a real everyday situation. We increased the level of the TV in one of the apartments to a maximum and measured a level of 80 dBA. We went to the next apartment to record the level of passing sound. We measured a noise level of 25 dBA (10 dBA below the norm for restful sleep). We tried to hear with our ears the noise from the TV in the next room, but we couldn't. The result of the combination of sound insulation and acoustic panels exceeded our client's expectations, and we recorded in our portfolio another perfectly executed project.

We wish the owner of R&R apartments full apartments and satisfied customers. More information about accommodation in the boutique building of R&R apartments, you can find here .

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